Thursday, May 31, 2012

Wow, a little delayed...

It is overdue, but I figure I should post my results from my exam.  So, I passed.  92% passed(and one wrong on my English proficiency... seriously...).  After the exam, there were a couple questions off the bat that I was a bit unsure of.  I had double checked some and eliminated some I did get right, but then there were one or two I knew were wrong.  Overall, 4 wrong out of 50.  Not too shabby, girlycabbie!  HA!

But seriously, I am super excited and pretty pleased with myself.  It was better than I had done on any of the practice tests I had taken.  So, better than I thought I was going to do.

Now I am still waiting for my actual license to arrive in the mail.  Cant start driving without it.  I won't have much time to drive right away though.  I work upstate for the summer, and I leave in a few weeks.  But I am hoping to get in at least a shift or two before I leave.  Just so I'm not totally green when I come back at the end of August.

So stay tuned, because once that little card actually arrives, there will be more posts!

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