Thursday, May 31, 2012

This be me and my fresh out the mail Hack License.

So just a little while after I had written my last post, the boyfriend and I were headed out and saw the mail had come early today.  And my shiny new Hack license was in there!  It is official!  Ha ha, I'm not just writing this blog to only not actually drive.  Nope, it's actually fer reals.  I am super excited.  Terrified, but excited.

Thankfully, my boyfriend is also a cabbie and I blame him for putting me through all this.  I kid,  of course.  It was all voluntary.  But thankfully, I have him for some rookie guidance.  We are gonna try and go on Saturday morning(a slow day, so he says) to get us both cabs so he can get me started.  They explained, sort of, how to actually use the technology in the cabs, but not in detail. So he is gonna show me the ropes and make sure I know what to do.  And also drive along with me for support. 

Exciting stuff, I tells ya!

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