Monday, May 14, 2012


I had completed my course a week ago and spent the next few days cramming for the test on Friday.  On Thursday I get a phone call from the school saying that the test was canceled for the next day and I would have to wait an extra week to take it.  Initially, I freaked out.  I had just spent days cramming anything i could into my head.  And as anyone who has been to college knows, when you cram, the knowledge is very temporary.  You will remember things for a few days and then *poof* it goes away.  So I panicked that anything i learned, I was going to lose before the test.  Also, I had made sure my schedule for last week allowed me to take the test... I cannot say the same for this week.  So i had to scramble and convince a co-worker to cover my shift for this Friday.  My boyfriend did calm me down though and assured me this is a good thing because now i have an extra week to study.  True story, but I did want to just get it over with.

So that is where things are at now.  Still stressing about the test.  Hoping things go well this Friday.

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  1. Always look atthe positive side of things your boyfriend is doing a great job coaching you on that ;-)