Saturday, May 19, 2012

And now the wait...

I took the exam yesterday.  I had spent the past two weeks studying and fretting over it.  Thursday, I took my books and maps over to the beach for some serene outdoor studying.  I think that helped.  Something about the sound of the waves is helpful to memory.

I didn't sleep very much the night before the test.  Not because I was up studying, but i was just too anxious.  When I did have to get up at ass-early o'clock, I was very very grumpy and not looking forward to the test.

I was at the test site by 9am for the short 1hour review, which i was thankful for.  Even thought i knew most of what he went over, there were one or two things which i would have totally blanked on if I hadn't had that last little reminder. 

The test itself wasn't as bad as I had imagined it to be in my head.  There was an English proficiency test first.  I am pretty sure i passed that with flying colors...  If I didn't, I maybe need to re-evaluate my life.  After the 30 minutes of proving i know English(at least enough to drive a cab) there was a brief break and then the main exam. 

The exam was split into two parts.  The first ten questions were open map.  Basically things like "What other street is at the intersection of Flatbush ave and Bedford ave?".  SO you look in your map book, locate that spot and find the answer.  If you know how to read a map, there is no reason to get any of those wrong...  And i don't think I did.

The second part you could not use any map.  It was 40 questions covering all aspects of taxi driving.  Policy questions, direction questions, and even similar questions like they asked int he map part, but you just had to know the answer.  Thank the gods for multiple choice. 

Overall, I am pretty confident that I passed.  I was pretty sure of all but a few of my answers.  The ones I was not totally sure on i tried to remember after the test and confirmed that at least a couple of the iffy ones, I got right.  So hopefully I'll have done well.

I now have to wait until Wednesday after 2pm for the results...  now THIS wait is gonna kill me!

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