Saturday, June 2, 2012

So, It Begins!

Me in my very first taxi ever!
Well, it has finally happened.  I took my very first taxi out today!  I won't lie.  I was scared as hell before.  I may or may not have had a mini-meltdown last night about how nervous I was.  Terrified.

Woke up early this morning after not nearly enough sleep(worked a closing shift at my other job and didn't get to sleep until very late).  Dragged myself out of bed, stuffed a donut in my face and we were on our way.  The boyfriend who hadnt worked a shift in a while also came out with me today.  One, just to drive, but also to show me the ropes.

We got to the garage, got our cars sorted and he gave me a quick tutorial on how to really work the meter.  Unfortunatly, the class never delved into that too much because you don't need to know that for the test.  Silly, but thats how it is.  Once I had a handle on that, we were off.

I didn't pick up a fare into the city, but got my first hail shortly after getting over the Manhattan Bridge.  I was headed up Bowery and a man waved me down.  I pulled over and he tells me he has a bunch of fruit he has to transport up to 14th street.  I get out to help him and then I see what he means.  He literally filled my trunk AND back seat with bananas, mangoes and strawberries.  I couldnt belive that THIS was my first fare.  Ever.  But he was very sweet and he didn't leave any mess from the fruit.

Caught a fare up to the west side and then had to drive around a little bit before I was hailed down by a woman and her very cute beagle.  She was a little out there, but she was nice and we had a good conversation about dogs.  And I got a little hand kiss from the pooch.  So cute.

Only other notable fare of the day was a gentleman I picked up by Central Park.  He got int he cab and we had a fantasitc ride.  He was totally digging that I had Van Halen on the radio when he got in.  Had a nice conversation about music, beaches, and the french toast at the Roscoe Diner upstate.  He was also one of the only people all day to comment on the fact that I am both female and a native New Yorker.  He asked how long I had been driving, and was surprised to learn that he was only my 5th passenger ever.  He was super sweet and gave me a good tip.  Very cool guy.

The rest of the day was pretty uneventful.  It was slow.  But even though it wasn't a busy day, it was just what I needed to ease me into driving.  I feel much more confident behind the wheel.  I also learned a few things, like where I shouldnt stop to pee, I should have my own toilet paper, and Morningside Park is in the way.  Always.

After paying the lease and for gas, I made a whopping $16 for the day.  Slave labor.  But again, it was a learning day.  My feet are wet, and I am ready for the next day of driving, which hopefully will be soon. 

So, stay tuned for more GirlyCabbie adventures!  I hope to have some real gems to share!