Monday, May 7, 2012

Intro to mee

So, just a little background, I  am as of starting this, in the process of becoming a NYC taxi driver.  Thanks to the encouragement of my boyfriend who is also a part time cabbie and the lure of extra cash to supplement my otherwise meager paycheck, I am starting this process.  Not to mention all the street cred you get as a cab driver.  I mean, if you are gonna do it, this is the city to do it in. 

I have gotten through most of the process so far, all the paperwork, fingerprinting and all that good stuff.  The final phase of this is now taking my class and then(hopefully) passing the exam.  Being a native New Yorker and English speaker certainly helps things.  The fact that I learned to drive in mid-town Manhattan and have been driving in the city for about 13 years doesn’t hurt either.

So far my class has just been going through basic regulations and laws regarding regular driving and actual taxi driving.  Pretty remedial stuff but I am paying attention and taking notes.  There is a “wall of fame” in the classroom of people who ace the test.  I need to be on that wall.  You know… that whole feminist thing..  Gotta have a chick up there too. 

I am the only female in the class, and it’s a little weird, but not overly so. 

So yeah, that is where things are at so far.  I hope to chronicle my journey from here on out, and hopefully have some antidotes to share along the way, especially once I am out on the road.  So enjoy!

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  1. Well Erin,

    Pretty awesome you are doing this blog. Just found out today and I will be following you for sure. I think it is awesome to have a friend in NYC who is a cab driver and I know your driving skills they are awesome as long as we can pop the trunk ;-)